The Group

CARAVELLE is a family-owned diversified group of companies, investing in B to B activities as a stable majority shareholder.

The Group operates today in the following business lines :


TIAMA, world leader in providing inspection and quality control solutions for the glass packaging industry


BELAMBRA, Holiday clubs leader in France


ATMOSPHERES, 4* Hotel in Paris,  5 CODET, 5* Hotel in Paris ,  Hôtel de FRANCE, 3* Hotel in Versailles

Château d‘AUDRIEU,  5* Hotel in Normandie ,  FONSCOLOMBE,  5* Hotel in Provence


CARAVELLE also holds minority interests in various companies, incuding the following listed company:

AXWAY, software company, market leader for digital transformation


French “société anonyme” based in Paris, CARAVELLE invests its own equity with a long-term perspective. It is not an investment fund.

As of December 2017, the Group employs 1500 people and its consolidated turnover reached 241 M€.