Founded in 1995 by Pierre-André MARTEL (†2011), CARAVELLE was built around some of the businesses it has taken over by turning around loss-making or underperforming companies, especially in the sectors of pharmacy, industrial vehicle equipment, and information technology.
Since 2007, CARAVELLE has focused on the development of its subsidiaries and the acquisition of profitable businesses, while ARCOLE INDUSTRIES, former minority shareholding of CARAVELLE until 2014, has been running the activity of turning around distressed companies.

Between 2011 and 2017, Hélène MARTEL-MASSIGNAC (†2018) developed the Group in the Industry and Services, including Hotels and Tourism. Most of the Group’s historical subsidiaries were sold during this period (Marrel, Cooper, Benalu, Edbro, Sopra, …).

CARAVELLE is now led by Lorène MARTEL. After obtaining her Master’s degree in Agronomy from AgroParisTech and a MS Entrepreneur from HEC, she started her career in an Audit firm and then in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Lorène has been sitting on the Board of CARAVELLE since 2011. After supervising the Group’s Hotel activity, she was appointed CEO of the whole family group in 2017, which development she intends to pursue.